I help authors and publishers promote their books digitally on all major social media platforms. I also line up various blog appearances such as Author Interviews, Author Guest Posts, Reveals, Spotlight, Features, etc. But most importantly I arrange for the most important element of online book promotions – Book Reviews.

I have the database of more than 300 book bloggers and reviewers who review books honestly and post those reviews on all the leading Blogs and/or Websites.

I also work for authors and publishers as their personal/in-house publicist taking care of all the media and blog lineups, creating press releases, putting together press kits and writing the promotional emails to be sent to all the media personals and bloggers/reviewers.

I also know basic graphic designing, and hence, always make sure to use it to my advantage while promoting books.


As a Book Media person, I know how a book’s success depends on the online marketing of the book as well as the author.
The role of Book Bloggers & Reviewers is underrated, but to tell the truth, they are the backbone of the online book industry.
My book promotion campaigns rely upon and revolve around book reviewers and book bloggers heavily as I know that they are the only missing piece in every puzzle related to the book’s online marketing strategies.


You can hire me as your personal publicist. This way I will be able to create and manage the online promotions of your book(s) as per the requirement and the target audience.
I charge a fee on a per book basis to be hired as a personal publicist. For more details, please send me an email.


If you are a publishing house looking for a Publicist who can take care of the book promotions and online author appearances, then you’ve come to the right place.
From finding and approaching reviewers to creating the press kits and from following up with the reviewers to sharing the links on all the social media platforms, I do it all.


The scope of my work as a book publicist includes (but is not limited to):

  • Writing Email Pitches for media personnel and reviewers
  • Writing press releases
  • Putting together press kits
  • Researching, hunting and contacting media personnel and reviewers
  • Lining up all the elements
  • Providing all the necessary information and media items to the concerned people
  • Frequent follow-ups from all the sides
  • Handling all the book related queries
  • Sharing and resharing the element links
  • Sending all these links in a timely fashion to the concerned party
  • Preparing “Praise For The Book” documents that can be used by the authors/publishers
  • Making sure all the lined up elements are executed in a proper and a timely manner


I help self-published authors in creating Social Media Campaigns for their book’s promotions such as:

  • SEO for Blogs
  • SMO for all the major Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Strategizing
  • Book Promotion Campaign Creation
  • Pre-Release Campaign Planning
  • Post-Release Marketing Campaign Planning

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